Today and yesterday were lovely here and unseasonably warm.  We decided to make the most of it yesterday by taking a trip into the city to visit a friend.  We had a lovely day that involved the largest cookie Lola has ever seen and a trip to the Central Park Zoo.

My former teacher/chef made lunch for us and the surprise cookie for Lola.  It took her while to figure out how to eat the cookie.  She eventually figured it out and she and Michel were both very pleased!

Gigantic Cookie

Michel and Lola

On the biggest sugar high Lola has ever known we headed across the street to the Central Park Zoo.  We had a nice time walking around outside but it seemed very tough for her to concentrate on the actual animals.  This could be because she is only 18 months, or because she was tired, or the lovely weather but I think it was the sugar.  She didn’t eat too much of the cookie and she really only has sugar when we go to visit Michel.

Bunnies at the Zoo

She enjoyed these bunnies a lot and when we left she immediately fell asleep in the pack for our ride home.  A fun day was had by all!