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I sent my first order of barrettes to this store in Port Townsend, WA.  I was really pleased with how all of the colors popped when they were assembled.  It was a lot of work but a fun challenge and something to keep my hands busy at night after Lola settles down.  I had a stamp made and think they look pretty cute on their hang tags.  I am making more to stock up my Etsy shop soon.



From a product testing standpoint I am happy to report that the barrettes are holding up quite well.  Lola is still teething and has been using them to relieve her tooth pain when I am not watching – or so she thinks!  She has also been trying to pull the flowers off.  She has had no luck destroying them!



badonkadonk – an expression for an extremely curvaceous female behind

I first heard this word while while rock climbing in El Portrero Chico, Mexico a few years ago.  My friends and I were climbing down there for a week.  On one long tough climb a friend said she could no longer pull her badonkadonk up the climb.  We all busted up laughing and still do every now and again.  This friend, by the way, hardly has a badonkadonk!

While walking to the market a few weeks ago with Lola, we passed by this sign at a local gym and I couldn’t pass up this photo.


On to the meat of this post… I am doing a 10 mile run in Philadelphia in two weeks – the Broad St Run.  I have never run in a race before.  I am not a runner and have never had much luck trying to make it my “thing”.  I do however have a bit more badonkadonk than I want right now.  A friend told me he was training for the run and I told him I would too.  I have been trying, albeit not too hard, to lose the extra weight from my pregnancy.  So here I am – training.


I have been running with a couple of friends and sometimes with Lola in her chariot.  (She is pouting because I was using the camera and not her.)  I have worked myself up to seven miles and am confident that the other three miles are there.  I know that I can bike a century ride with a little training so I figure ten miles is realistic to run.  I have been feeling great while I run as well as after and that has made it really easy to keep it up.  I’ll post some photos after the race.